About Mark Aspery

A favorite instructor at the Hammer-In, Mark Aspery owns and operates the 'Mark Aspery School of Blacksmithing', traveling the USA teaching classes and giving blacksmith demonstrations. His training as a smith started in the United Kingdom in 1976, working for a small fabrication and engineering firm that boasted a blacksmith shop. He has worked for a number of smiths as well as teaching in trade schools over the years.

Mark is a certified journeyman smith with the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, (a UK guild started in London in 1324) and currently an Associate of the company (AWCB). Mark is also a certified farrier with the American Farriers Association (AFA). He is currently writing the third volume to his book series, The Skills of a Blacksmith Vol III: Joinery and Related Tooling.



About Lucian Avery

Lucian started blacksmithing to make tools for gardening and woodworking but was soon captivated by the blacksmithing itself. He is primarily self-taught. While he gleaned bits and pieces of the craft from many sources, old-time local smiths, other contemporary smiths, books, and a few classes, most of his learning has been through hands-on work and experimentation in his own studio.

He started forging full time in 1993, focusing on custom designed, commissioned pieces. Over the years he has grown to enjoy making door hardware more and more, and that is his primary focus now. Lucian also teaches classes in blacksmithing and demonstrates the craft regularly.


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