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Phone: 530-623-5211
Mail: PO BOX 333, Waeverville, CA 96093
email: jake@trinitymuseum.org
Facebook: Jake Jackson Museum or Trinity County Historical Society

The History Center is a separate section of the Jake Jackson Museum. It houses extensive files of documents, photographs, maps and books. All are indexed for easy access and the documents are available for research; most can be copied for personal use.

Photographs- Among its treasures, the History Center houses a photos file of more than four thousand pictures, which offer a pictorial view of Trinity County from the early 1800s to the present. These photos give us a glimpse into the lives of our early settlers: their activities, their homes and schools, and the growth and development of our county. We have a collection of portraits of many Trinity County pioneers and their families. Additionally, we have some slides and motion pictures.

Maps-Our map collection includes some early county maps as well as maps of individual communities and some specific properties. There are plat maps that identify the location of many of the early mines and extensive drawings of the machinery and ditch system of the famous La Grange Mine. U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Geological Survey maps are also in the collection.

Documents & Records- Many of the Trinity County's official county records from approximately 1850-1950 are on file and indexed. Included are civil and criminal court records, some probate records, delinquent tax records, census and military rolls. Miscellaneous documents covering all facets of Trinity County's history are indexed and easily accessible.

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