Trinity County Historical Society - Christmas Ornaments

Limited Edition Christmas Ornaments, depicting a Trinity County scene, are available in the Gift Shop. Each ornament is 3¼" diameter, and individually boxed.

Give us a call to place an order by phone, or stop by and see them in person.
  • $13.99 plus tax.

Packaging for all Ornaments

2020 Spiral Staircase

2019 Lewiston Congregational Church

2018 Weaverville Redding Stage

2017 JJ Jackson Museum

2016 The Oddfellow's Hall at Trinity Center

2015 Ladd's Store at Denny

2014 St. Patrick's Catholic Church

2013 Bowerman Barn

2012 Trinity County Courthouse

2011 Schlomer Building, Helena

2010 Highland Art Center

2009 Blanchard Flat School

2008 Joss House


2007 Carville Inn

2006 Weaverville Rexal Store

2005 Camp Trinity, Bar 717 Ranch [SOLD OUT]


2004 Weaverville Bandstand [SOLD OUT]


2003 Lewiston Bridge

2002 Congregational Church

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