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“Clothing can reveal so much. In fact, you can learn a lot about culture, society and people from examining what they wore. What did people put on their bodies and dance around in, and why? It’s an intimate history of humankind. We are what we wear” - Mary Kerr

The Jake Jackson Museum continually seeks new ways to preserve and interpret Trinity County's colorful past. Among the artifact treasures within our walls are over 1,300 textile items. Garments, rugs, household linens, quilts, flags and fraternal order banners form this collection.

In 2003 the Trinity County Historical Society determined to preserve and display this impressive collection. A three phase plan was developed to (I) assess the needs of the collection, (II) upgrade textile storage facilities and (III) create expanded, rotating exhibits of textile items.

The project became possible thanks to funding from the Vera P Vietor Trust, a fund of the Humboldt Area Foundation. Our community stepped forward to support this conservation effort and 80% of project funds came from generous local donors.

Would you like to help? Tax deducible donations to assist with this vital effort are welcomed and needed to insure the success of the project. Donations may be mailed to:

Trinity County Historical Society (TCHS)
Attn: Textile Project
PO Box 333
Weaverville, CA 96093-0333

Volunteers willing to help are urged to contact Sue at the Jake Jackson Museum
(530) 623-5211. Join the team on this exciting project!

Project Team

Project Administrators - The Board of Directors, Trinity County Historical Society
Project Advisors - Gail Goodyear, Tracy Shapiro, Sharon Roberts
Project Coordinator - Sue Rhodes
Textile Steward- Bridget Carson
Textile Steward- Diane Mercier
Textile Steward - Victoria Moore
Project Volunteer - Bonnie Drake
Project Volunteer - Karen Woods
Project Volunteer - Carol Woods
Project Volunteer - Ellen Withers
Project Volunteer - Karen Donahue
Project Volunteer - Yvonne Detamore
Project Volunteer - Kathy Adams
Project Volunteer - Cindy Dunn
Project Volunteer - Jan Saxon
Construction & Repairs - William Bennett

Special thanks to those who made this project possible:

Vera P. Vietor Trust, a fund of the Humboldt Area Foundation for funding Phase II.
Jan Loverin of the Marjorie Russel Textile Research Center for training & advice.
Tracy Shapiro for assessing and dating collection artifacts.
Plumas County Museum for training, advice on museum software systems.
The Latimer Quilt and Textile Arts Center for advice on organization & storage systems.
Anonymous for funding Museum quality display mannequins.

Special Thanks to our Donors & Supporters!

Mary Abrott
Alice Box Aikins
Ed Bates
Jane Belden
Ardis Bucy
Marilyn Carson
The Estes Family
Gail Goodyear
Granny's House Bed & Breakfast
Mary Jardine
Fran Lethbridge
Longs Drug Store
Bill & Sherry McCoy
Diane Mercier of Weaverville Woolens,
Bill & Fay Patterson of American Graffitti
Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum
Shooting Star Textiles
Textile Traditions
The Thursday Night Strippers
Tops Superfoods
Trinity County Chamber of Commerce
Vera's Victorian Variety
Weaverville Hotel and Emporium